The company specializes in the production of T-type, Y-type, across wrenches,cross-tire wrenches, perforated wrenches, tool sets and all kinds of car maintenance tools.

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Ningbo Anyuntai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yuyao, the birthplace of human civilization. The transportation is convenient, and the production plant is close to Provincial Highway 61, Airports, highways, and railways traverse them, only one hour away from the provincial capital Hangzhou, 30 minutes away from Ningbo Airport, and Hangzhou Bay The cross-sea bridge is within easy reach, 2 hours away from Shanghai. Since its establishment in 2007, China custom FLEXIBLE EXTENSION JT-3008 Suppliers, Yuyao Jiantai Hardware Factory, its subsidiary, has been based on innovation, honesty, integrity, and pragmatism, so that the factory has been fully developed. The factory’s own brands are widely used in engineering, machinery, mining, electricity, auto repair, and automobile Warranty and other operations, installation, maintenance, maintenance. Export brands are popular in East EURO KING TOOLS, South Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries. As FLEXIBLE EXTENSION JT-3008 company, the production process is in accordance with DIN standards, and the quality is highly praised and unanimously recognized by customers.



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